August 9, 2019

Salt Lake City resident Emilia Wint started living in a van to save money on rent during college. But the cramped spaces finally got to her — she’s moving into an apartment with the help of her parents. | Photos by Ross Coyle

Emilia Wint’s day begins and ends with plann...

December 14, 2018

Which would you rather read? A story about the latest donation figures to the Peace Corps? Or a story about a volunteer’s experience learning from Indigenous tribes in Costa Rica? If you clicked on the second link, you’ve just been pulled into an organization through t...

September 3, 2018

Erin Mendenhall understands the value of affordable housing. It’s possible she wouldn’t be here without it. A stable and affordable home gave her grandparents the foundation they needed to raise a family on the middle class wages of a painter and a store manager.

"My fa...

September 20, 2014

Forziya Abdul Aziz had never worn a mortar board in her life – until recently when the Somalian woman basked in the glow of a special ceremony.

November 7, 2013

Afrikaans, Balinese, Chamorro, Creole, Dinka, Fula, Grebo, Hmong, Ilokano, Japanese, Khmer, Kosraean, Mandinka, Nepali, Romanian, Sotho, Tamil, Wolof. If they sound strangely familiar, they should. They’re just a handful of the 140 languages spoken in the Kent School D...

October 25, 2013

Bee stings don’t really hurt Danny Najera like they used to. After years of studying the
creatures – including accidentally dropping a hive while carrying it in the middle of the night – he’s come to accept them as simply an occupational hazard.

Now Najera is bringing...

October 17, 2013

When Patti Billet had to write a detailed and technical student improvement plan for her pupils at Kent Mountain View Academy, she had her first breakdown after six weeks as a brand new teacher. “This is part of this profession that I have no idea about, I’m expected t...

October 17, 2013

Jan Richardson recently ignited a controversy in Sequim when he said during an interview, “Sequim isn’t a good place for a young, intelligent, single person.”

The community’s reaction was immediate and intense, with some supporting Richardson’s statement, while others e...

October 14, 2011

Newport Intermediate School band director John Bringetto isn’t letting a lack of instruments get in the way of his students’ music education.

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